TAC Hoops Kickoff on Kinnick 2021 - 5th & 8th Grade Girls

Division: 5th Grade

Division: 8th Grade

5th grade is full. Register to be placed on the waiting list.

5th Grade
8th Grade

1 day tournament. 3 game guarantee. Certified Referees. Concessions available.

IHSAA rules modified. 20-minute halves, running clock. Clock stops in last 2 minutes of 2nd half if score difference is less than 15 points. Pressing only allowed if up by less than 15 points. Each team must provide one scorekeeper/scoreboard operator per game. Players can only play on one team per division. Each team must provide it's own warm-up balls. Admission will be charged to everyone except players and 2 coaches per team. A maximum of 10 t-shirts will be given out to the top team. Team registrations are not confirmed until the entry fee has been received and paid in full.

File Name
TAC Basketball Tournament Rules.pdf